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How to extend the service life of steel template?Hong yuan bo steel template factory
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Wen water built hongyuan steel template main shanxi steel template、Bridge steel template、Channel steel template、The composite steel template、Hanging basket steel template、Box girder steel template、TJoist steel template、Pier steel template、Car steel template, and other templates。

Wenshui county, Shanxi Province is the birthplace of Chinese steel template manufacture,There is10The development of many years、Research、Manufacturing history。Products across the country30Many provinces、The city、Autonomous region,And exported to overseas。More than ten years of accumulation,Make the steel industrial park has formed a talent、Technology、Information、Channels, and many other advantages,As one of the best domestic peers。

Wenshui county built hongyuan bo steel template co., LTD,Is a specialized research and development of various types of construction steel template、Embedded parts professional company。As an important member of steel water park,Companies relying on park strong technical strength,With innovation、Strives for realism、The good faith、Win-win for business purposes,Would like to new friends to join hands in building industry,Seek common cause,Wealth appreciation,A happy life。

Product testing by the relevant departments of the state,Various technical indexes meet the national standards,And passedISO9001-2000Quality management system certification[Enter the details]

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The name of the company:Wen water built hongyuan bo steel template co., LTD

The phone company:0358-3045188

The company by fax:0358-3045188

League Department People:Kelvin zhou(The general manager)

A mobile phone:13803486012

The company address:Wenshui county of Shanxi Province east of the city5Km

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